Part 3


Reflection 12/2/18


Today I submitted the draft of the proposal consisting my idea for my unit 7 project. I have decided to go with a cultural theme from where I come from. I chose to research about Bali because I thought that although it is practically the most famous area from Indonesia not a lot of people actually dive in to its traditional cultural values that the society still practice until today. From this point I decided that instead of just choosing a tribe from Bali and doing a project about that it would be more interesting to look at other cultural aspect. Spending most of my childhood in Bali because of my Dad's work I am pretty much exposed to the culture practices that some tourists might not realise exists. Early on during my childhood I remembered how my dad would explain the traditional caste system that exists for centuries in the area and how it works. Although the fact that it exists has faded since then this ritual is still being practiced until this day. On top of that it really is fascinating how with the modern Western civilisation that has affected Bali deeply these past few years from its ever growing tourism, they're still able to maintain their ancestors' values making it one of the biggest things that drives their tourism industry.

Balinese believed that their caste system works on the whole idea of karma and reincarnation taking note that Bali is a Hindu majority area in a Muslim country. They have a strong believe that the social level they had been born with is inherited by birth. Their position on the social ladder depends on what they do in their past lives and which then affects how they act on the present life being convinced that it will do them favors for the next life. The traditional caste system is made out of 4 castes:

  • Shudras (Peasants) 
  • Wesias (Merchants)
  • Ksatrias (Warrior)
  • Brahmins (Priests and Kings)

With this the society has rules on how every individuals from each castes should live out their live. I find it very intriguing on how these people can't earn their way up on the social ladder and how they should accept it for the rest of their lives. Even in terms of their name define them on which caste they're from. With this idea I am planning to find a more in depth information on how different castes have different tradition, roles, and rules. On top of that I will also research on  a more casual everyday things such as their attire, houses, etc. 

Reflection 14/2/18

Today I finally got my brief feedback back along with my works from part 3 foundation. On the feedback it says that the project description is satisfactory but I still need to add more details regarding how I will actually develop my ideas on this project. On top of that adding what kinds of technique or methods that I will develop as well as variety of artists or designers in my bibliography. I am planning to go to the library tomorrow because I really want to add more contemporary designers/ artists to my research. Due to the project being about culture I wanted something in the present to be part of my research so that the end result with not look outdated and will still be relevant to the current trends. 

After getting my feedback however I did some internet research regarding castes of Bali. The challenge for this I think is that my resources on primary research is quite limited due to the fact that I am thousands of miles away from home. I however would try to incorporate my own personal photos from Bali and see if it is relevant enough to be put along with my other research and see if it could inform the project. But all in all today I search a little bit more of how the castes actually work in the society. 

Reflection 16/2/18

Today I did a brief light research about the castes. I found out how each castes are so detached with the other castes to the point of them having their Balinese language style. I knew that the said fact is true because from my time in Bali I even know multiple cases of people not being able to get the same amount of respect as those who sits higher in this social system regardless of what they have achieved career wise. Even marriage to people with higher status doesn't positioned them higher. Saddening thing is that the majority of the people in Bali, precisely 95% of it, is in fact belong in the Sudras. I put these research i the workflow during the evening.

Reflection 17/2/18

Today I went to the library because I have some images that I wanted to print plus I want to do some research at the library. I found some books about Bali, not exactly focuses on the caste system, but I found some images that I thought was quite inspiring. Some of the pictures I found today was about how the people look like in an everyday basis. It is quite obvious how much they dresses differently along with the fact that people in Bali still most of the time dresses themselves with the traditional clothing of sarong and kebaya even if they don't have any kind of ceremonies that day. Though looking at the pictures I found some similarities like the fact that the way they wear sarong still is the same regardless of which caste they're at. I like how the way they wear it is by rolling it on the waist preventing it from falling down. I know for a fact that people do this to sarong because traditionally sarong are only a piece of rectangular fabric wrapped around the waist, I knew this because I have worn it on several occasion. 

Reflection 20/2/18

Regarding the idea of ceremonies and rituals I thought today would be a good idea to focus on the religion itself and how much it has impacted the traditional caste system. I found that the Hinduism itself is made up of 3 spiritual layers:

  • utama mandala (innermost layer)
  • madya mandala (middle layer)
  • jaba mandala (outermost layer: most obvious & visible, black & white)

these signs of mandalas could be seen in places such as houses, temples, workplace and such. For tomorrow I am planning to continue with this idea. 

Reflection 22/2/18

Today I found some contemporary artwork that relates to the idea of karma and reincarnation. It is an artwork by an artist named Do Ho Suh titled 'Karma in Reincarnation'. The piece itself is a sculpture installation of people on top of each other creating this tall tower. I thought that the piece could even be incorporated to the idea of hierarchy and the offerings. 

Today I was getting kind of stuck moving on from previously said idea. In the end I kind of changed my approach, I decided to research the opposite. I found informations of a village called Teganan in Bali. The village is the only area in Bali where they don't practice the traditional caste system. I decided not to get too in depth since I don't want to get too off course. I ended up researching about the people and how they wear. I imagine perhaps I could relate their tube shaped clothing with the idea of a simplistic silhouette. 

Reflection 24/2/18

I focused today on my sketchbook. i piled every research that I got so far and printed them. I tried combining different kinds of images with something unrelated to make it interesting. Afterwards I made responses for the drawings. I mainly used acrylic paint for this because I felt like I could have bolder colours and I don't have to be real precise with it. 

Reflection 26/2/18

In class today we started off with sharing our project idea with our class group. It was interesting how different our ideas are and how people chose some pretty creative starting point. Afterwards we just continued with our own works while Alice was going around advising each student what to do. She said that she likes how my project was going although she was sure that I need to do much more work on sketchbook. Plus having more drawings would be nice because my sketchbook is basically mostly filled with collages.  

Reflection 28/2/18

Today I used the images I got from the draping workshop yesterday and made some observational drawing. In addition I added some garment development from the said observational drawing on my sketchbook. I would definitely have to find a way to relate it to how the project is progressing. Plus, colour-wise, these drawings does not match the colour theme that I am doing in my sketchbook. 

Reflection 1/3/18

Today we got briefed about the live project. To be completely honest I am not that inspired with the whole green man theme. My initial idea is probably doing something on the idea of how the history of the building. Playing around with the idea of how the building was burned down and then reinvented into this glamorous and luxurious Harrods we know today. 

Reflection 2/3/18


reading the brief one thing that draws me was the 'green woman'  and how they were hired by Harrods when it was the World War I. They were hired to replace the men that have to go to to serve in the war. Not only in Harrods but in numerous places women were hired to do men's jobs due to the shortage of men. Therefore in the library I started looking for books about World War I. After this I plan on looking for the impact of the war on the society. To add to that perhaps exploring the inventions during the World War I and finding some relevant inspiring pictures to go with it. With this subject I could even perhaps relate it to the idea of feminism in the era of World War I. 

Reflection 3/3/18

I know we are supposed to be doing the Live Project but today I focused more on the Unit 7 project and work more on the idea of a shrine and stacking. I found sticks and circles shaped materials and modify it as a response to the offering photo I have on my sketchbook. I took some wire and wrap the said materials with them as an act of connecting the objects together. I decided to do this because the circles materials were pretty hard to stack because of their form. This worked out pretty well though I am definitely planning to try out the idea of stacking for sure.

On the afternoon however I went to the library to research a bit about the Green Man. My way of approaching this was I literally just searched the word 'Green Man' on the library search engine. What came up was books on sculptures found in churches of this figure that seems to sprout leaves. I photocopied some of these photographs though I would hate to have this as a starting point making the project about leaves. 

Reflection 4/3/18

Today I continued with my research as I have to prepare to show up with a concept on Monday. So far I have researched about the green man itself, the history of the building (before and after it was burned down), the green woman and its involvement with World War I. From this point I found some pictures on the uniforms that they use in the army at that time (both male and female) and it seems that they have a lot of pockets involved which I thought was really interesting. I then researched on inventions from the war and found mosquitos net. The net has this evident shape that I know I could use as a garment development. On top of that I found images of Zeppelin to be quite interesting since it reminds me of the canopy in front of Harrods. After this I got an idea to incorporate what I found yesterday in the library of the Green Man figure and relate it to the war. I remembered how in wars usually some countries would use the camouflage techniques of blending in to the nature. I thought I could work with that concept. 

Reflection 5/3/18

Today we continued on with our work in class. I started cutting out my images and see how I could have the flow of the concept going. When I presented my work to Alice she seemed to think that I have a concept thats workable. She likes the pockets ideas from the world war I and thought it is definitely relatable to the Harrods motto; 'All things for all people, everywhere'. I love this idea, it is in a sense very connected to how this project started off with a uniform. People with uniforms necessarily are there to aid people by providing to the customers and fulfilling whatever needs that they might have. 

Reflection 6/3/18

Today I went for the interview at Westminster University so I wasn't able to go to class today. I was pretty overwhelmed that with the interview so I wasn't able to do any productive work afterwards. Yet I am very sad that I had to miss the class session with Helen Bullock today. I was looking forward to learning from her since I know that she got amazing works. Plus I was looking forward to doing drawing responses again in class like we did at the start of foundation. It saddens me that we never do this anymore.

Reflection 7/3/18

Today I started really getting into doing work on the sketchbook. Like usual I started off with doing collages from all of the image research. I was able to get a lot of collages done and I was able to really see the flow of the project now. 

Reflection 9/3/18

I got a really amazing surprise this morning, I found out I got in to Westminster University, I AM OVER THE MOON. In addition today is my birthday so it is the perfect birthday gift :)

Today I went on with the Zeppelin idea taking note of the structure. I went on YouTube and look at paper manipulation videos because I feel like thats a good starting point in exploring the structure. I wasn't able to find any videos that is relevant enough to really translate the structure of the Zeppelin. I however found images from an artist that uses paper as his medium and how he came up with great structural shapes that I could definitely relate to the shape of the Zeppelin. 

Reflection 11/3/18

Today I prepare for my progress tutorial tomorrow. I tried to add more drawings in my sketchbook since I know it lacks exactly that. It is really tricky to keep myself focused when doing 2 projects all at once. 

Reflection 12/3/18

I had my progress tutorial today and it wasn't as great as i would like it to be. Alice said how I needed to be producing a lot more content in my sketchbook. She mentioned that I lack drawings and should do a lot more responses on the images I collaged already. With this I feel like I am way too focused on just putting as much of my research possible  and making sure the progression of the research is making sense that I just don't have empty pages in between to do responses. Fortunately I could always add more pages between the ones I already done. With it I have to start working on the body or at least three dimensionally. 

With workflow she said I have good research with well-credited photographs so far and sufficient annotation. I have to look more into different kinds of disciplines and taking inspiration from it. 

All in all  today I received a lot of beneficial feedbacks and I have concluded that I just have to produce a lot more work generally and utilising the time that I have. 


Reflection 15/3/18

Today was the crit day for the Harrods project. We started off today by getting paired by someone from the textile class. We each looked at each other's pages and commented on the progress. I thought that her stuff was really interesting since she decided to combine the Unit 7 project about culture with the Harrods. She managed to find the connections which I thought was quite difficult if the culture you are doing is from a faraway country from where Harrods is. She basically connected her research with the Chinese culture since she thought that the green men as the welcoming man/guard/security reminded her of the imperial guards in Chinese culture. 

With my project she commented that she likes how I managed to make connections on my research and harrods and managed to make a good transitions between different research. One example she gave me was the pockets idea where she said it was really smart that I correlate it to Harrods motto of being able to provide everything for everyone. On top of that it was fitting since the whole project started off with uniforms and the green men itself being the helper.

Afterwards we made questionnaire for each other asking questions to help us reflect spontaneously. For her project the questions I made was:

1. What made you decide on incorporating the Chinese culture to Harrods?

2. Are you going to put more aspects about harrods to the project taking note that the brief is about that company?

3. What do you think to be your most successful part of the project so far?

4. Are there any difficulties you have faced so far?

5. Say you're going to continue with the project, what will be your next step?

I thought this activity was alright, for myself I found it more effective if I were to reflect on writing since it gives me more time to think about the whole thing. However it was nice as a change. 

With the Harrods project I have decided not to continue since I am not as inspired as I should be with it. I feel like if I do continue it would be too forced. 


Crit Interview

Reflection 20/3/18

Today I tried to make samples using the knitting machine. Incorporating the checkered fabric idea I made some small squares with the thought of making a patchwork samples. 

cons: time consuming and I wouldn't have access to this machines during the break. 

Today I helped with a BA student’ work (Ranura) for his final collection at Kings Cross. He invited us to come in to his the works that he had done and he then asked us (me, zeynep and yoyo) if we could stay and help him a bit. It was very interesting to see how the BA students work differently from the foundation students, for one we foundation students rely heavily on sketchbooks and how it is important to create flows in order for people to understand. BA students are not heavily dependant, majority of them got sheets to show people their ideas but most of their works are 3D. With Ranura’s work he used, sponges (small and big ones), plastic wraps, as well as yarns he stiffened. I love the idea of how he bought the stuff he used right now on places like the thrift shops so he had to make all of the materials he has right now for his entire collection and somehow make it enough. His inspirations was derived from sculptures he had made, this is a new take, fact that inspirations could be from anywhere even if It is something you have made on your own. For today I was asked to do simple stuff, wraps the sponges with yarns. He told us how he is not too keen on knit and does not have enough knowledge on the skill (ironically even though he is in a knitwear pathway). Amazingly this way he managed to found his way around. 

Reflection 21/3/18

With the sewing machines I asked Alice for a much easier techniques to make the small squares. I know that if I continue on with that I was doing yesterday I would waste too much time on it and it wouldn't be wise because the checkered fabric is not the only elements in my garment. Though if I am able to do it, it would look fantastic and would probably have more impact compared to having a flat checkered fabric. I 

Reflection 23/3/18

I got my saput poleng fabric from Bali, my mom brought it here to London for me. I think it will look way to basic if I just use the fabric just how it is. With it I got some ideas on how to modify the fabric yet still keeping the element of the checkered:

  • Cutting it and connecting it again in a not-orderly manner (randomise)
  • look for smocking techniques and do it on the saput poleng 
  • have squares decorative stitches on top of the checkered fabric

Reflection 27/3/18

Today I went with my mom to Nisbets and saw some mops and I like the look of the big chunky yarns. I decided to just buy one and see if I could make samples out of it. Some ideas in my head right now would be to crochet it, braid it, spray paint or leave it as it is but layering it with something else. 

In addition, I talked to my 4D partner through Whatsapp. I asked her for he opinion on my saput poleng development fabric piece. With hers she was doing some beadings with her garment and was asking me how for ideas on how to piece everything together. 


Reflection 30/3/18

I continued with the metal works from yesterday for the progress I made today. I tried to incorporate fabrics into it and seeing how that looks. I simply made stitchings on calico for the metal to go in. The method is quite simple and very manageable to do in a short time span. In the end however I like the look of the metal better without the fabric. The use of the fabric covers the metal so in the end it kind of look like it is just a piece of fabric bended in an interesting way. I like the way the metal got the shine thus putting emphasis on the shape of the bends. 


Reflection 4/4/18

Today I did a couple of pages in my sketchbook. It just feels way too empty so I took my research on shibori technique and did a couple of pages on that. I love the way the technique look and with the technique being scrunching it by pushing the fabric together i like the idea of it being adjustable. I will test it out in the mannequin tomorrow and see how I could incorporate it to the garment I already have right now. 

Reflection 5/4/18

I tried out doing the shibori technique on the mannequin today. I like the way it looks however I found it to be really hard to handle. The fabric will just fall down unless I tie it real hard. The problem is that it would be convenient noting that the piece is going to be put on the body. On top of that the body will obviously constantly moves so the position of the fabric will move as well. I worry that if I force myself to go on with this it would just not stay up or just the way I would want it to be. 


Reflection 6/4/18

Today I took samples out of my sketchbook. I pinned it together on the mannequin. I thought I would like it but it ended up looking like literally bunch of samples being stuck down carelessly the sake of covering the body. It lacks the volume that I was hoping to have.


Reflection 10/4/18

I came to class today expecting to have a day focused on workflow but turns out it wasn't exactly the case. Not surprisingly only few people showed up. We started off the day with Danielle explanation on what we need for the assessment day. The things she said was already mentioned during the presentation with Jo before the holiday. One point she made surprised me however. She stated that we need to do an A2 sheets approximately 10-15 pages like we did during the UP. I did not expect this because Jo didn't mention any of this during the presentation and now I have to give up some time that I have assigned for my other works to do this. I am honestly quite worried because this means I have to  really finalise my sketchbook as soon as possible so that I can start working with the sheets. 

Afterwards us the whole class made a timetable on what to do for the following week. I have been planning to do this since yesterday so it was good that I got to do it in class today with everyone around. We then got paired with someone and we got to see their timetable. I got paired with Julia and saw that her timetable is much more detailed than mine was. She mentioned specifically what it is that she got to do. Because of this during this session I added more details on there plus the allocated time for each activity so I could fully plan out when exactly I have to do it and how much time it will actually take. I however think that the activity was not entirely useful since obviously at this point everyone is in different stages on finishing their works so comparing timetables doesn't help too much. 

After class I went home and continue on my garment. In class I had asked my friend to play around with the donut shaped item that I bought and I had given her a yarn and a crochet hook. I wanted to see how someone would respond to the materials that I have been experimenting. I thought this works really well since sometimes another person could serve us with a new idea or perspective towards out own project. She came up with a crochet technique that I didn't think of before (noting that I only know some basic ones since I am new to this). I didnt know how to crochet in a way that I could just instantly wrapped the circular item around. With this I went home and continue with what she made. I combined some medium-sized beads that I painted to make it more relatable to the project. 

Regarding my sleeve, Fortunately it got its volume as it was intended, although it could be more. I realised that the real reason behind this was because the fabric that I was using doesn't have a structured element to it. So even if I added more layers of the fabric it would be too heavy thus weighing down the sleeve rather than creating a voluminous effect. 


Reflection 11/4/18

Because of the piecing of the fabric yesterday, I ran out of the fabric I needed to use for the other side of the top. For this reason I went to the fabric shop in Soho but sadly they don't store the fabric I needed in the fabric. This is really saddening cause I thought they would have it since they are the same branch from the one in Shepherds Bush. So because of this I had to go all the way to Shepherds Bush to buy it. Fortunately they got the fabric I needed but sadly I wasted at least 3 hours today for this. 

During this time I was in Soho I was also searching for styling pieces in Oxford Street for the shoot on Friday. Last night before I sleep I did a quick search for the styling ideas. In the end I was leaning towards the photos I saw a while ago of Dolce and Gabanna show finale photos. On those photos the models were wearing a fitted high waisted shorts. I thought it would be a great contrast since the top I a making will be so overwhelming and the sleeve will be exaggerated. I imagine it would be nice to have something simple and fitted so they'll bring emphasis to the top garment. 

In the end I bought black high waisted spandex along with basic black stockings. During my time exploring the street I found a super cute orange earrings with circular medium-sized beads. The colour fits perfectly with my colour theme and I thought it would bring out the colour a bit more. Then I bout some black slide on sandals because I don't want the model to be barefoot. Plus this is very fitting since the people in Bali would often be seen wearing a non-heeled sandals around the island since the most pavements around Bali are very rocky, especially in villages where they don't use cement. 

Back home today I finished all of the circle pieces that I will put on the sleeve after I am done with it. For the circles I made 4 kinds:

- Barong eye circle (red, black and white)

- knitted wrapped circle with painted bead in the middle (purple)

- double knitted circle 

- painted on hair accessories (donut shaped) pieced together by ring folder holder (black with colour paint on it) 


Reflection 13/4/18

Today is the photoshoot day! I brought all of the stuff needed for the photoshoot.I signed up for the 10-11am slot, I wanted to have it done early so I would have time to do other stuff afterwards. Arriving to the shoot I was still indecisive on which tights I should use for the shoot; plain black ones or black net tights. I asked some of my friends and see what the think and they thought since the top I made got a lot of elements it would be best to use something simple for the bottom. 

With the photoshoot, personally I feel like the photoshoot was a bit unorganised. There were some people from the 10-11am slot coming in late and directly did it while some people from the 9am slot haven't even did theirs yet. On top of that it was weird with the models, people just immediately approach a model and put their garment on the model even if it wasn't their name next on the list. Me myself was just a bit lost, me and most people didn't even know what was happening so I jut waited until Patricia got everything under control by calling student's names and assigning a model for them. 

When it was my turn everything went on smoothly. I love the photographs and the styling worked out wonderfully. Patricia loved my styling choice, especially the earrings. I was really happy to her what she thought about it since she is a stylist herself. 


Reflection 15/4/18

Today I started off with going to primark to buy more donut shaped hair tie. I  am planning  to make more samples with this if I have the time, its better to have the materials ready than wanting to make something but not having the time to buy the items needed. On my way home I made a stop in Kings Cross to make photocopies of the pages of my sketchbook for the purpose of making the layout of the A2. 

Afterwards I went home and made pages to finish my sketchbook. I haven't entirely concluded my sketchbook because I feel like these past few days I was too focused on making the garment that I haven't updated my pages yet. I made pages on the circle samples that I made for the garment. I made some responses regarding that. In addition, I made pages on shibori techniques in correlation with the fabric samples I made from the previous pages. 

I am so sad though that my printer's plug got broken so now I have to wait until tomorrow to print some stuff out. I accidentally broke one of the pin on my plug. 

Reflection 13/2/18

While waiting for my sketchbooks and proposal feedback back from the assessment I decided to just go to galleries today so I could still have something on my research without it being too specific in case the tutors doesn't like my idea for Unit 7. Me and some of my friends started off today with going to the White Cube gallery at Bermondsey after hearing some good feedback from people who had visited the place. The first room we went to was filled with an installation from an artist with the name of He Xiangyu called 'Evidence'. It is a series of short movies and delicate sculptures. It was really nice to see these sculptures since the artist has put these up in an orderly manner across the entire room. I thought that each sculptures was inspiring and it gave me the feeling of how each was made with care only with the use of hands. 

Afterwards we went to the Saatchi Gallery to see all of the exhibition there since me and the friends that I was with earlier today has never been on that gallery. I really enjoyed this gallery since each room holds different kinds of artwork pieces and a lot of the installation is although it was on the wall there is a sense of tactile feel to it. A piece I particularly like was by Aaron Fowler titled Foot Locker. On a huge panel he made a mixed media painting that turned out to be really striking. Looking from a far I thought that the artist has successfully incorporate bold colours together and had managed to harmonised it together. When I step closer I started to really see the medias that the artist used; nails, tapes, different kinds of paints, etc. I thought that this has made the painting much more successful and impactful as opposed to regular paintings made with inks. 

Some photos from the galleries


Reflection 19/2/18

Due to this week being the independent research week for unit 7 today I continued my project with more research. From the images I got previously it is obvious that Bali is a place where rituals and ceremonies are deeply rooted. Therefore, today I focused on annual ceremonies and rituals done multiple times almost every month. The first picture I encountered today was on the carrying offerings on top of the head done only by women. I found it fascinating that these women were able to carry these kilograms of offering and balanced it on top of their head walking quite a distance to the temple. With the pictures I am leaning to doing something quite textural with a simplistic silhouette. Because most offerings are in a pillar-like shape, I am imagining a garment where just simply wrapped around the body without any use of darts made out of textural materials. On top of that I thought that incorporating the offerings to my research relates to the idea of social hierarchy and how it layers metaphorically in the society. In addition I had gained some pictures taken during these ceremonies. Something that I very well planned to put inside my sketchbook is the image of ceremonial headpiece that is commonly used. It relates to my idea of textural surfaces. 


Reflection 21/2/18

continuing from yesterday, I research on the mandalas layers. I found that the one of the most obvious signs of these mandalas being visible in the everyday life is with the use of a fabric called saput poleng. The fabric is essentially a checkered black and white fabric  symbolising the outermost layer of mandala. The fabric could be seen wrapped practically everywhere in Bali (trees, shrines, etc.). The use of colour, black and white, also translates to good and evil, happiness and sorrow. Due to this fact these fabric are wrapped in the outer area as a protection from negativity. it represents the less obvious line between the black and white. it is basically saying that for example, sorrow is a part of happiness and that nothing is truly evil. 


Reflection 23/2/18

Today I went to the art shop and saw that they sell latex mould. I thought maybe its a good idea to for example take traditional pieces such as the Balinese headpiece and mould on top of it. For sure the outcome would be something quite textural. Another idea is perhaps I could go to the plastic workshop at Archway and make something sculptural and use that as the foundation for the latex moulding. I could simply paint on top of the latex in order to adjust it to the colour palette of the project. Although I am worried on doing the method since I have never tried it before and it is quite a technical procedure and it could get quite messy since I am not at all familiar with how its supposed to go. 

Just an addition to the research, this morning I remembered how child games is a big part of Bali in fact all over Indonesia. A traditional games very popular in Bali is something called Tajog. It is done by using a tall stick and walking with it balancing both sticks. To relate to this I found some artists that play around with sticks materials creating an interesting structure. 


Reflection 27/2/18

In class today we had a workshop with Danielle on abstract draping. We started off with circle shapes and connecting it and letting the fabric drape over the mannequin seeing how it does on its own. Danielle said something which was really true, its the fact that for  me most of the time i am too focused on having the. fabric wrap around the body and not letting it do its own thing and as a result it just became a fitted garment when in fact I could have a more interesting shapes if i just let it. I felt like the workshop had turned out good, I was able to have some useful observational drawings as well as garment developments. 

I thought the part when we had to combine our drape with someone elses was useful as well. We were able to form a full on top because we have enough drape to actually cover the body. But it was really interesting to see how your drape is different from others even though we all starts off with the same shapes. By combining it we were able to get this interesting shapes. 


Reflection 8/3/18

In class today we had a group tutorial with both Danielle and Chris. I was quite nervous because we never really have any group tutorial with more than one tutor involved. Gratefully after I presented my idea they really like it. They are satisfied with my concept and how I was able to connect things of Harrods and combining it with how the project is going. They suggested that perhaps I could move on from the Green Man idea and branch out to pagan folklore theme since the one image reminded Chris of Jack in the Green.  He said I could research on Irish folklore and look at the festivals that they sometimes held plus the tradition. With the war idea I could go to the Imperial War Museum and look more into the uniform idea. 

After class I attended the talk at the cafeteria. I really like the talk by Helen @unskilledworker. I thought she got a good personality along with a great story of how she started what she is doing today. Her career really shows how impactful social media is these days. 

Reflection 10/3/18

today I added something to my Unit 7 research. On the stacking idea I found a technique from Japan called the Shibori Technique. You basically wrap a fabric on a pole like shape and tie it with a rope which then you will gathered together to create a scrunched look. This actually reminds me of scrunched or rolled up sleeve or even rolled down socks. On top of this I found inspiring images from an artist Richard Sweeny. He made this neon argon filled glass with an interesting shape. I thought I could take this and test it in the plastic workshop. I could use the oven like instrument that I remembered from the induction and heat the plastic so I could shape it freehandedly. 

Reflection 14/3/18

Today I made some samples on the harrods project. I took on the zeppelin idea and since I like the structure of it I decided to have stitches imitating the structure of the Zeppelin. It looks pretty cool but it doesn't serve the feeling that Zeppelin have of it being voluminous. 


Reflection 18/3/18

Today I made samples on the saput poleng (checkered fabric) idea on my sketchbook. I tried to think of a way where I can essentially make my own checkered fabric. In the beginning I used markers and drew on a piece of calico and I love how it look imperfect. The next samples I made the same thing on another piece of calico but I added some stitchings on top of it. I also like it though I know it would be so time consuming with the fact that I have to do each squares separately. With these I also considered using acrylic paint to make the squares. I decided against it because when I tested it it looks so patchy since it was done on top of a fabric. The calico instantly absorbs the paint making it impossible to evenly spread out the paint. The next one I made squares with the markers and did some smocking with the fabric. I quite like the look of it since it is much more 3D and looking less like a print. 

Reflection 19/3/18

Today in class some BA students came in and presented their work and asked for help for their final collections. I was intrigued by Ranura’s work and how he used a different approach to knit and how he had taken a very simple technique (wrapping) for his final collections. Plus I am not entirely skilled for traditional knits so I thought that this is my best bet on helping any of them. 

With the salut poleng idea (checkered fabric) for my project, Alice suggesteon on finding ways to make the checkered fabric my own was incredibly useful. So when she took out the knit machines I thought I could make multiple small squares as my response to the salut poleng. I started off with just doing normal knit, occasionally changing the tightness of the knit to create wider gaps. Then I asked Alice if she got any simple techniques I could use for this. She suggested and showed me how to do the stairs (?) technique. Changing switching the knit needles every how many knits or so. She suggested that with that technique I could even have some decorative elements such as this below:



Reflection 22/3/18

Continued with using the knit machine to make more small squares, I asked Alice for any other simpler techniques that is less time consuming than the stairs technique she taught me on Monday. She said whichever the technique is knitting is still a time consuming method. Because of this I worry that I will just waste too much time if i do decided to take this method on. I needed something that I know wouldnt be dependant to a machine or a place. So as an alternative I decided to learn how to crochet from my friend today. It is something that I always wanted to do and  I thought it could be an replacement to the knit machine since the workshops will not be open during the easter break. In addition to this I also searched Youtube for basic tutorials on this. I suprisingly enjoyed the crochet technique and the prospect of multitasking over a nice tv show while doing it sounds amazing. 


Reflection 25/3/18

Today I made samples by connecting some of the saput poleng fabric with calico. I pasted it in my sketchbook and I thought I could develop this idea.  

Reflection 29/3/18

Due to the fact that the workshops in Archway are closed during the break I have to think of an alternative on how I could still do the Richard Sweeney idea with the distorted plastic. Today I found easily-bended metals in my room that I bought for the previous project but didnt use. I decided to test it out on the mannequin see if perhaps I could work with it. The fact that the metal is easily bended allows me to have the same effect as the distorted plastic without having to be dependant to the workshop. 

I started off with bending it and seeing off how it could work. I love the look of the metal bended making it look like it went through some series of complicated processes in workshops. With the use of the metal I managed to get the sturdy look with the bends making it look rather raw. 

I would probably continue this idea by trying to incorporate the metals to fabrics probably creating shapes of the garment with the use of the metals. This way I could gain interesting shapes without having to use excessive amount of fabric or a thick kinds of fabric. 



Reflection 1/4/18

I begin today with planning making the garment. With the progress of the sketchbook I am now going for an exaggerated elongated sleeve top. I figured that it would make it easier for me if I just start it off by using paper on the mannequin as the pattern. This would prevent less mistakes when it comes to the time when I start working with the real fabric. The whole thing was quite time consuming because with the garment I was aiming to make my own checkered fabric. It was surely very time consuming because I have to make sure that the squares and rectangles are all connected to each other while at the same time actually making it to the shape of the garment that I want. 

I think the challenge for me on this was making the sleeve with how the mannequin was shaped. It took me a while to actually connect the hole on the shoulder to the sleeve. I however managed to work my way around with the fact that even if it is not perfectly fitted at least the excess fabric would make the shape of the sleeve much more interesting than a normal perfectly tailored sleeve. 


Reflection 2/4/18

Today I cut the pattern on the fabric. I started off with the chest and back part of the garment first to see if it is actually working. Fortunately I love the way it looks. I like how the way the fabric is stitched together made the garment more tactile in feeling. In addition, the frayed edges added to the texture giving it a raw undone look. I wonder however if the frayed edges might be too much and looks too messy. I will perhaps cut the frayed pieces a little bit to make it look tidy.


Reflection 9/4/18

Today was crit day! Though the tutors expected a finish garment today I havent finish my garment. The garment lacked the sleeve entirely, so obviously i am quite behind on this. My aim today gonna finish the checkered garment, although I have to figure out how to make the traditional checkered fabric a lot more stiff because the fabric itself is very lightweight.

 With the crit we started off today with putting our stuff for the exhibition. For today I ended up hanging my fabric from the ceiling, I am still not sure if this is the best way to display it since the garment itself is not completely finished yet.

Afterwards, we got partnered by someone from another group and we did the exercise where wen need to assess the person's progress.

I got Anika, she got a lot of stuff on her sketchbook but one of the main thing about her work is that she lacks annotation on her sketchbook so when I looked at it, it was actually quite hard to understand the meaning behind the images. This reminds me that I also have to make sure that people would understands my work when they see it. If not the sketchbook would seems meaningless with collection of pictures. 

With my stuff, Anika gave me feedbacks that I thought was really helpful. with the metal part of the garment, she thought that it looks rather clean with the use of metal as compared to my pictures reference. She thought I could probably use fabric on the metal. I thought that it is a good idea although I really like the look of the metal and using the fabric will just cover the metal completely. But with this I will definitely think of a way around this. 

After the class today I went home and continued with the sleeve pattern. I managed to do it though I feel like I need more length on the sleeve. I worry however that the sleeve itself is not exaggeratedly voluminous thus jeopardising it looking like a normal sleeve garment. To know this I have to pin everything together first and see how it actually looks (which I will do tomorrow because I have to catch up with my workflow for tomorrow's class). 



Reflection 12/4/18

Today in class we started off with workshop on evaluation and exhibition label. Chris and Alice explained what is expected of us and helped us by giving tips on how to start with these. It really helps having questions as a starting point knowing what is expected to be inside the content.

With the exhibition label, the workshop helped me consider whether my description would be understandable in a case where what's displayed is not the entire project. I have to be really straight to the point and clear with the limited 75 words limit. We all were asked to make draft on this. I found it a bit challenging actually to put in a couple of sentence what my project is about. I think I should just write a paragraph on whatever it is I wanted to say without thinking about the word limit and shortening it later on. They made some people read out theirs and it gave me a sense of direction on how the label is supposed to be. I think mine is still a bit too vague and I imagine if I am a stranger walking to a gallery reading the label I wouldn't be too sure on what it is actually is about. 

For the evaluation we were given several questions which is incredibly useful since I was kind of worried about exactly how to start on that. I started off just by answering the pointers questions first and I thought it would simplify the whole process since I would just have to make it into pharagraphs. 

After the lunch break I went back to class and decided to ask Alice about my garment. I manages to have the sleeve intact with pins just so that she can see how it looks like and if there is any kind of changes it would be easier to change it. When I showed her my piece she said that it looks a bit too safe, I wasn't venturing enough outside of the safe zone. I think this is because I haven't put the circles items on the sleeve so the whole thing is currently a black and white squares. She likes the boxes elements and thought it made it looks graphics and thought that I have to keep it that way. She suggested that I could make the sleeve longer and have the squares gradually increasing in size from small ones on the shoulder to big ones at the bottom. She thought it would've gives more impact that way. I thought that this suggestion is actually pretty good and the thought actually have crossed my mind once while I was doing it. The only thing that prevented me from doing so was when I was cutting the fabric I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough for both sleeve. 

After the class I went home and finished the garment and thought about going with Alice's idea. It would be a bit risky since I would have to have the garment ready for the photoshoot tomorrow and going with the idea means I have to basically start a new sleeve. I tried out cutting multiple small squares and pinning it. I actually liked it I thought it gives the garment a little something. At this point I am just not sure if I can manage to finish a new sleeve for tomorrow. I should've asked for Alice's opinion sooner but nevertheless I think I would keep the garment how it is right now and if I have a spare time  after everything is done during this weekend I could try to make the sleeve.

Late at night I did final finishing for my garment. Some of the parts are still in pins and I wanted to get it sew since I wouldn't want to pierce the model tomorrow at the photoshoot. Plus worst scenario I wouldn't want to have my garment falling apart due to lost pins, it would be disastrous. On top of that I sewed down the circles I made and I love how it looked like in the end. It gives it a pop of colour among the black and white fabric. 



Reflection 14/4/18

Today I went to the library to photocopy my sketchbook for the portfolio sheets. Sadly I without realising used the bad quality printer so I basically wasted my money on those photocopies. Fortunately I could still use these for the A2 draft on how I want the layout to be. The struggle for me today was the fact that my sketchbook is not entirely done so it was harder to plan out the layout. Fortunately I made some rough draft on how I want it to be. 

In the evening I made my additional bibliography and action plan documents. This took me a while since I had to searched my history for the websites that I used since I didn't copy paste it somewhere. In addition I made paragraphs on the questions that I answered for the evaluation. The questions proved to helped me a lot, I was able to do it quite fast since I already know what I wanted to include. 



Reflection 16/4/18

I wasn't able to come to class today which I am quite sad about. It is the last day of class and I missed it. I still managed to go to Archway though but saw that there were no more slot on the progress tutorial with Alice. For this reason I decided to just go to the library and tried to finalize everything for tomorrow. I photocopied my sketchbook again with a good printer now and stuck down everything on the A2 sheets. I made my final illustration for my garment which turned out great! I was quite scared to just draw straight on the paper but I was feeling a bit adventurous so I thought why not. I used paint which I normally never use unless I know it would look great since you cant exactly erase paints. 

I got the photographs from Friday's shoot and it turned out really beautiful! It would be even better if they photgraphs it from all angles but I guess these photos will have to work.